About Me

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Hi. I’m Caiwei Chen.

I am a freelance multimedia journalist and bilingual writer covering culture, digital trends and everything China.

My words have been seen on publications including South China Morning Post, Rolling Stone, Vice China, Technode, The Beijinger, Pandaily, Pingwest et all. I am the host and producer of The Redirect Podcast, a Mandarin-language podcast covering Gen Z culture and digital trends. I also regularly contribute to Chaoyang Trap House, a newsletter focusing on the everyday life on China internet founded by a group of friends.

I holds a B.A. in Communication from University of Colorado Denver and am an incoming student of Columbia University’s Oral History Master of Art program.

I currently reside in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

What I do

Culture/Tech Reporting
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Commentary Writing
See some my previous work

Audio Production
I curate and self-produce my own Mandarin language podcast Redirect 定向跳转, with the support of Marcast Media.

Media Consulting