About Me

Caiwei has 2+ years of experience in tech reporting, oral history research, multimedia storytelling and cross-border media consulting.

Contact me for potential writing commissions, media inquiry, and collaborations at the email below:

Hi. I’m Caiwei Chen.

Born and raised in Xiangyang, China, Caiwei Chen is a freelance writer and journalist interested in culture and politics in the digital space. Caiwei bears a deep interest in the ever-present ties between US and China, and seeks to uncover these unexpected connections from the lens of internet counterculture, political ideologies, and platform capitalism.

Caiwei’s writing has been seen in Rolling StoneViceSouth China Morning PostProtocolSupChinaRadiiTechnode and more. She reporting and analysis on China has also been featured on BBCPolitico,The Los Angelos TimesQuartz News and CGTN. She is active on Twitter @CaiweiC.  

Besides her writing and reporting, Caiwei is the host and producer of The Redirect Podcast, a Mandarin-language podcast covering the transmutation of digital trends between cultures, and has trended the Top 50 podcast Chart repeatedly on Apply Podcast China with a highest record of No.23.

Caiwei regularly contributes to Chaoyang Trap, a Substack newsletter focusing on the everyday life on China internet founded by a group of friends. The critically acclaimed newsletter was selected as a Substack Featured Publication in 2022.

Caiwei is currently based in New York City, pursuing an M.A degree in Oral History at Columbia University, working on her thesis project, which focuses on Chinese contemporary intellectuals and their fraught relationship with social media censorship.

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