I am a bilingual multimedia journalist and freelance writer who is interested in culture, politics and society. I graduated with a B.A. in Communications at a joint program between University of Colorado Denver and China Agricultural University. (Fun fact: I was also an experienced Chinese debater with multiple provincial and national level awards.)

I joined the Associated Press’ Beijing bureau as a digital editor intern in my senior year. After college, I spent a year working as an editor and staff writer for Pandaily, a Beijing-based English language media, where I mainly cover China’s consumer industries, streaming platforms and digital culture. Meanwhile, I oversaw audio content production at Pandaily.

Now, I am a freelance journalist based in Beijing. My work has appeared in outlets including SupChina, Pandaily and Chinarrative among others.

You can reach me through the contact form below, but I prefer email chencaiwei1114 at gmail dot com or a Twitter DM @caiweic. Hit me with ideas, opportunities and story requests!

The website is currently still at its rudimentary stage and I am actively working on it to make the experience better. I plan to blog here and on Matters bilingually in the near future. Come back later!