Published Works

Below is a selection of my published works. I write bilingually, in both English and Chinese. I have experimented through different formats and beats but mainly focus on digital social trend, tech, and culture in China. I am also active on Twitter.

Chaoyang Trap is a newsletter that I participate in regularly, an exploration of contemporary China through its marginal subcultures, tiny obsessions, and unexpected connections.


In China, women stand-up comedians offend their way into mainstream – SupChina

12 hours outside Haidian People’s Court: China’s landmark #MeToo case -SupChina

How a Russian Man “Held Hostage” on a Talent Show Captured the Mood of Burnout China – Radii

The Dusk of Chinese Masculinity (as appeared in CYT Ep8: Chinese dudes rock) -Chaoyang Trap House

Chinese Fan Girls Join Force to Cultivate Coronavirus Response -Pandaily

China’s First Listeners – Chaoyang Trap House

Is Bilibili Turning Its Back On Its Most Loyal Users? -Pandaily

Chinese Nationals Abroad On The Horns Of The Dilemma As COVID-19 Spreads-Pandaily/Chinarrative


How China’s internet giants have failed the country’s youth – SCMP

Streaming War Heats up in China as Major Players Eyes Profitability -Pingwest

How Female-Empowerment Advanced Mango TV’s Video Streaming Business -Pandaily

Breaking Down TikTok’s Case Against Trump Admin, Zuckerberg to Blame? -Pandaily

Beyond 996: a beginner’s guide to China big tech culture – TechNode

Chinese listeners are getting into podcasts, with a host of platforms carving out their own niche – KrAsia


在Clubhouse的两周,我和尼日利亚王妃、Cardi B的美甲师谈笑风生-BIE别的
Summer of love —— 摇滚乐与嬉皮士精神中不死的爱-Rolling Stone大水花
YouTube Rewind 今年有一点好。哪一点?槽点!-Canva设计
Big Hit上市、BLACKPINK回归,这波韩流要如何西征?-新博弈
流媒体中场战事:花木兰口碑扑街 Disney+坐收渔利-镜像娱乐