Published Works

Below is a selection of my published works, as seen in media including Wired, Rolling Stone China, South China Morning Post, Protocol, SupChina, Radii, and Technode, etc. I write bilingually in both English and Chinese with a focus on techology, digital social trends, and culture in China. You can follow me on Twitter for my newest work.

Chaoyang Trap is a newsletter that I participate in regularly, an exploration of contemporary China through its marginal subcultures, tiny obsessions, and unexpected connections.

Long Form

China’s Censorship Machine, Made by Millennials

Opinions / Commentary

On big internet and China’s tech worker condition: How China’s internet giants have failed the country’s youth 

On how the “Chinese YouTube” deviates from its ACG origin:
Is Bilibili Turning Its Back On Its Most Loyal Users? 


China’s ChatGPT Black Market is ThrivingWIRED, audio version featured by What’s New with Wired podcast

Heartbroken Gamers mourn World of Warcraft’s Shutdown in ChinaRest of World, audio version featured by China Stories podcast

In China, women stand-up comedians offend their way into mainstreamThe China Project

How a Chinese app could succeed where Quibi failedProtocol, audio version featured by China Stories podcast

How a Russian Man “Held Hostage” on a Talent Show Captured the Mood of Burnout ChinaRadii

12 hours outside Haidian People’s Court: China’s landmark #MeToo case – The China Project

Beyond 996: a beginner’s guide to China big tech cultureTechnode

Chinese internet giants turn to philanthropy under economic downturn, but it’s not just a number’s gameTechnode

Chinese Fan Girls Join Force to Cultivate Coronavirus Response – Pandaily

How Female-Empowerment Advanced Mango TV’s Video Streaming BusinessPandaily

Chinese Nationals Abroad On The Horns Of The Dilemma As COVID-19 SpreadsPandaily

Breaking Down TikTok’s Case Against Trump Admin, Zuckerberg to Blame?  – Pandaily

Streaming War Heats up in China as Major Players Eyes Profitability – Pingwest

Chinese listeners are getting into podcasts, with a host of platforms carving out their own niche KrAsia


On China’s A4 movement, Instagram mood boards, and youth radicalization: Instagram is Site of Protest of the Chinese DiasporaWIRED

On modern Chinese masculinity, self-help culture and tech bros: The Dusk of Chinese Masculinity (as appeared in CYT Ep8: Chinese dudes rock)Chaoyang Trap

On China’s (fleeting) podcast boom:
China’s First ListenersChaoyang Trap

On the TV show Why Women Kill, and its unlikely success in China: How Why Women Kill become an Unlikely Hit in ChinaSixth Tone


我的中文稿件涉及文化、科技和音乐,见于《Rolling Stone》, 《别的BIE》(前Vice China),《时尚先生Fine》,《镜像娱乐》,《107调查》等媒体。

文化新生:Bilibili百大up主实录 (print)

1+1+1=普通人:Mandarin乐队采访 (print)

在Clubhouse的两周,我和尼日利亚王妃、Cardi B的美甲师谈笑风生
Summer of love —— 摇滚乐与嬉皮士精神中不死的爱
YouTube Rewind 今年有一点好。哪一点?槽点!
Big Hit上市、BLACKPINK回归,这波韩流要如何西征?
流媒体中场战事:花木兰口碑扑街 Disney+坐收渔利

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